Sourdough Banana Bread

When I opened up the oven half way through I kind of gave up on this Sourdough Banana Bread. I mean, I do have to feed my starter every week and toss some  but this outcome was kind of unexpected. I haven’t had a pan blow out in ages! Plus, sourdough in a quick bread? A sweet quick bread? I’m always up for an experiment but this seemed a bit iffy.

The recipe? It’s darn easy and basic. I used ener-g egg replacer for the egg and that’s about all I had to sub out. I decided to add a teaspoon of Penzey’s baking spice to give it a little something. After I cleaned up the oven and let it cool a bit it slid nicely out of my cast iron bread pan. Oh? You don’t have a cast iron bread pan? Go on amazon and get one. If you like bread you need it. If you only casually make loaves, get it. It’s probably my most favourite cast iron piece. At least today. Since I made this in my cast iron the sugar caramelized and made a pretty awesome crust.

Oh yes, it tastes pretty awesome. No, it doesn’t taste like sourdough. It was very tender and fluffy. I didn’t have a lot of walnuts to add since I need to go shopping but they did add a great texture. This would hold up great to chocolate chips or even berries or dried fruit. The husband had two slices and was surprised on how filling they were. This bread pairs great with coffee and would make a great quick breakfast bread. Because bananas are healthy right?

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