Red Velvet Rolls

I had to. I saw this recipe over at Country Cleaver and thought it was pretty awesome. I love cinnamon rolls so a red velvet roll sounded excellent. I used almond milk with vinegar as my buttermilk. Margarine for butter. I followed the recipe and I didn’t really feel my dough rised  in the hour wait. Doesn’t matter because you add baking powder, which is weird but they did rise in the 20 minutes in the pan and then again in the oven. It was a horrible mess with the filling. I should have re-read the blog post where they made them like a sane person not as written. The margarine/cocoa/sugar liquid was squishy and everywhere. I mean, when do I actually follow instructions? It gets me nowhere people. Nowhere.

They baked up pretty easily after  putting them in my texas muffin pan. I wanted more sugar in the middle. So yeah, I like icing. Tofutti cream cheese is just such an easy substitute for real cream cheese. That took care of the not so sweet insides. The icing is different from my default cream cheeze icing and I probably added more powdered sugar than called for to get it the consistency I wanted. With no margarine this icing stayed soft and was a bit tangy. Overall the recipe was fun but now I’m craving cinnamon rolls!

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