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Persimmon Cranberry Bread

So I had 4 ripe persimmons and threw them in the food processor. The mixture looked great! I didn’t know what to make honestly because most of the recipes are not for fuyu which I had. I decided on Persimmon Cranberry Bread since I really dig cranberries.


It was super easy to bake. The biggest chore was processing the persimmons. I substituted the eggs with egg replacer and I didn’t get much of a lift today. I think I need to replace my ener-g. I think it calls for too much clove, it was pretty clove-y in the end but the spiced cake plus fruit was a good choice.

It did take the full hour to bake and I cut it when it was still warm so there was a bit of moisture inside. It wasn’t a “I’m undercooked moisture” but more of a “oh hey, these persimmons have a lot of moisture” wetness. This was a fun way to use up the persimmons but I’m not sure they will go on my can’t live without list.

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