Lentil Rice Salad

I had some leftover rice and some pre-cooked lentils I bought at Trader Joe’s that needed to be used up. Honestly I was planning on some sort of sloppy joe’s…er lentils but I wanted something different. Lentil Rice Salad to the rescue!

I’ve made this before, probably eons ago. It’s so versatile. What did I throw in? Leftover rice, maybe 2 cups. Pre-cooked lentils. A can of fire roasted diced tomatoes with green chilis. I made half the dressing and mixed it all together. Half was honestly enough. I ate this over 3 days for lunch and it was awesome. Be sure to let it sit a bit or else the flavours won’t meld. I highly suggest if you make the full dressing recipe to only pour in half and see how it goes. That’s a lot of oil.

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