Festive Chickpea Tart

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re doing a meal at a friends house who loves to cook so I had an early “at home” celebration on Tuesday evening which of course spread out a few days with leftovers. So the Festive Chickpea Tart? Yeah, it’s been on my list to try for awhile. I saw Dreena’s creation pop up on another blog this year and it reminded me to make it. VegNews republished the recipe so I get to share it with you. Give thanks yo!

Let’s be real for a second here. The husband make a really awful face when he found out what was for dinner and had mashed potatoes (which he had to have because I made them for him and I don’t really LIKE mashed potatoes) and frozen Indian sandwiches. I was pissed. Really really pissed. I spent 2 hours cooking since I had gotten out of work a bit early for a chiropractor appointment and he wasn’t going to eat it. That pissed me right off.

So after I had my death stare engaged and almost caused his demise he tried a bite and was pleasantly surprised. Yeah. But I think this baby is all mine. I was really lazy and didn’t follow all the instructions. Instead of a new bowl I kept on adding to the food processor and pulsing which made things a bit less textured than called for. I would honestly thaw out the spinach since I had either huge chunks or puree. I added some sage because it is awesome. It was okay the day I made it but I really loved it yesterday for lunch. I just reheated a slice in the microwave because I’m lazy and it was great.

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