Farmers Market Finds: Persimmons

I have to admit I didn’t know much about persimmons before they showed up in my CSA box. There are 2 main types in the area: fuyu (pictured) and hachiya. Hachiya are shaped like an acorn. Hachiya are mostly used for baking since they get mushy (darn) and need to be eaten when they are super ripe. If they aren’t ripe you get a mouth full of ick.

Fuyu are kind of hard, even when ripe. They are generally eaten out of hand, like an apple. The Japanese generally peel them and serve them in slices. Me, I’m going to bake with them! Stay tuned!

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  1. really curious what you come up with as we now have a tree in our back yard with these an I am curious what to do with them

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