What I Ate Wednesday: 10/10/2012


Hey, let’s just do a photo grid of my food today for a change. Oatmeal with strawberries and bananas, homemade chili (last night leftovers, I made the husband chili dogs) with Fritos scoops (so very evil, I have a corn chip weakness). Baby carrots and apple and half a Builder’s Bar in the afternoon since I was running late and didn’t have time for any liquid fuel before working out. Dinner was just vegetarian with a Quorn naked cutlet (there are mystery egg whites in Quorn products, damn them) grilled and then cooked a bit more in a garlic ginger sauce. Brown rice and broccoli. Since I was still hungry I had another apple for dessert.

This seems to be a pretty easy format for WIAW, mostly because I rarely anymore eat anything interesting that needs a whole photo to itself. If I do eat something tasty I generally do another post about it. Who knows if I’ll keep it though, just testing the waters.

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