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Vegan MoFo Day 9: Apple-Cinnamon Waffles

I was really in the mood for a recipe to turn out so I went with something that rarely goes bad: waffles. Even the worst waffle is pretty tasty to be honest which is why I make a lot more waffles than pancakes. And if vegan waffles can’t cheer up your Tuesday there’s something fundamentally wrong.

Waffles and fruit aways go together and this recipe for Apple-Cinnamon Waffles from The Vegan Crew seemed up my alley. They got nice and crispy and the only thing I wish was different is that I wanted more shredded apple. It was still very tasty and the cinnamon was spot on.  I can see these being fun for dessert with ice cream as well as breakfast.

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  1. coldandsleepy says

    There is no situation in which waffles don’t cheer me! Not even Tuesday. Yours look great!

  2. ameyfm says

    apple cinnamon waffles sound really great! I bet they’d be really good with some warm, spiced applesauce on top. i have ONE MILLION apples to use up… so I”ll keep these in mind!

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