Vegan MoFo Day 5: Coconut Chocolate Cake with Raspberries

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! Who never makes a big deal out of his birthday but always accepts baked goods (and motorcycle parts).

This Coconut Chocolate Cake with Raspberries totally fit the Vegan MoFo bill. It had fruit, and it had chocolate for him. However this wasn’t my best execution.

I made the cake twice. Well, at least I didn’t bake the first attempt after I added mint instead of coconut. Oops. It could have worked if there wasn’t coconut oil and coconut milk in the cake. I only had 8 inch pans so they turned out kind of flat. I veganized it in my usual way with EnerG egg replacer, margarine and almond milk.

Then the icing. That I made twice. The first time I used Silk creamer and it separated and did some weird things. Since I didn’t want to waste 12 tablespoons of margarine (called for butter) I tossed it and started again with almond milk. Added the 12 damn tablespoons of margarine, chocolate, the other fixings and waited for it to cool. And then it didn’t really thicken up after a few hours so I put it in the fridge. And it didn’t really thicken up a lot so I put it in the freezer. Then it thickened up and I frosted the cake. It looked kind of cute, but it was way too late to care. I also ended up with 3 extra cups of frosting. Seriously. 3 cups EXTRA. I should have known but the recipe was paired with the cake so I just assumed it was rich, not a metric ton.

And then when I woke up this morning it melted (hence the top only photo).

It’s not really hot in our apartment, I mean, it was about 55 degrees last night. This icing is a total flop to veganize. The good part is that the husband could care less. In fact he told me after I made the cake he wanted brownies but sucks to be him! Next time I think I’ll stick to a regular uncooked buttercream when doing a cake like this, or making it a pan cake so that it can melt all it wants. PS: this is his slice, I asked for mine at least twice that size. Sheesh, men.

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