Happy last day of MoFo and Halloween! This one has been tough but I have so many ideas for next year. But today… today is a pie I kind of like!

Obviously by the name of the recipe (Juicy Summer Blueberry “Pie” Bars with Sweet Honey-Cornmeal Crust) you knew I was going to have to change something. But this recipe was totally worth changing things up for, they turned out great! I feel like I’m on a roll, this is awesome.

So yeah. The top photo? A mess. At least from the photos of the original recipe I knew about the “leakage”. Heh. In the crust I substituted margarine of course and agave nectar. I had some tofutti sour cream in the fridge so that was no issue. I glazed them using almond milk and sprinkled demara sugar. The crust was nice and tender and not too sweet. Same with the interior. Not overpowering on sugar and a great bright taste with the lemon.