Vegan MoFo Day 30: Fruit Roll Ups

So I’ve had my dehydrator forever and had yet to make a fruit roll up or fruit leather. It’s true that I tend to go through a LOT of fruit and it rarely goes bad. I had some strawberries I knew would probably grow fuzz in the next day so I decided to puree them up. I added a bit of sugar just to make sure they were super sweet and popped them in the dehydrator for about 8 hours.

The only mistake I made was not spraying the dehydrator sheet. Oops. They stuck quite a bit which I wasn’t expecting because I have yet to have something stick in the dehydrator. Now I know that purees might stick. Regular fruit slices and even tofu have been fine. Not to worry, each broken piece was sampled for quality. Yum. Now, on to some funky combinations!

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  1. If you want to make your own, but you don’t have a dehydrator, it’s easy to just use your own. Try out this post from Simply Recipes for some help on doing it that way. She has some great tips on how to use fresh fruit, using lemon juice and various spices, and even a tidbit on straining the juice from grapes for grape juice and then pureeing the rest for fruit leather. Yum.

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