Vegan MoFo Day 28: Vegan & Flourless Strawberry Apple Breakfast Crisp

Mmm, breakfast. I deserved a tasty change for my first meal of the day. Plus I didn’t feel like making waffles. So lazy. What’s easier than chopping up some fruit and making a crumb topping? Check out this awesome recipe for Vegan & Flourless Strawberry Apple Breakfast Crisp from Oh She Glows.

The worst part is waiting for these to bake. 40 minutes? Eek. Because I actually halved this recipe and didn’t measure the fruit I ended up with more fruit that topping so it cooked in about 30 minutes. I don’t have 30 minutes on a work day for this so it’s a weekend recipe but totally worth it. I didn’t bother peeling the apples, the strawberries were at their prime and super juicy. The best part was the crumble though! The almonds really made the difference. Some stayed a bit whole and they got toasty and good.

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