Vegan MoFo Day 20: Blueberry Ginger Buckwheat Waffles

Happy Saturday! Last night was a bit of a late night with the start of the Foodbuzz festival this weekend so this morning I really needed some waffles. Since it’s Vegan MoFo they had to have fruit and I remembered a post from Livin’ On The Vedge about Blueberry Ginger Buckwheat Waffles.

Okay, I’m the first to admit this is too damn early for me after a late night. I generally draft up posts so I don’t have to wake up on the weekend. Sure, I’m finally getting around to blogging at almost 11am but I’ve been up for way too long. I like my sleep. And I noticed I couldn’t find my buckwheat flour. Okay, I didn’t look too hard so I did a half all-purpose and half cornmeal mix. Which really kind of puts the damper on “buckwheat” waffles. Oh well. Anyway, I really enjoyed the cinnamon and ginger. The blueberries didn’t burn too bad (one of my waffle pet peeves) and they were great with maple syrup. I also put maple syrup in the batter. This made getting up in the morning a bit easier. Now off to finish a present for a baby shower in a few hours!

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