Vegan MoFo Day 17: “Gluten-Free” Raspberry Scones

So I went to a party. Being social and stuff. I barely made it but I had baked and I at least had to offload the fruits of my labour. It was a brunch party so I made little mini scones. Super cute, plus from the BabyCakes book, gluten-free!

So I get to the party, all happy for myself for being social. I present the plate to the lovely hostess and tell her how these are actually pretty darn good and I used spelt which is a newer ingredient to me in baking. And then I found out that the hostess couldn’t eat spelt or even gluten-free oatmeal. I didn’t know that spelt was a species of wheat, oops. I mean, I wasn’t that person who brought bread pudding but I thought I was on the right track. So bummed. It’s really a lesson they have to learn but it isn’t uncommon and spelt is usually offlimits. I assumed that since it was from a gluten-free baking book that things would be kosher. So that’s the lesson of the day folks: always disclose your ingredients so you don’t kill your hostess, especially if they’ve taken the time to cook a great brunch for you!

Now, on to the scones. I didn’t have really high hopes but this book hasn’t steered me wrong (except for you know, poisoning my friend). First things first, I don’t think it needed 1 full cup of raspberries. I know, that’s kind of blasphemy but I did pick some out. I also used frozen as my fresh raspberries grew a bit of a beard in the fridge. There was a bit of a weird reaction that made something a tad green in them (from baking powder) but my baking powder was aluminum free. Huh. Nobody really noticed and they got inhaled anyway. They got rave reviews even from my grumpiest of friends. The texture was outstanding with the spelt. They had a great crumb without the regular gluten-free dry “I’m going to turn into dust now” texture. A great recipe, but be sure to ask about the spelt!

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