My middle name may be “impatient”. Or “half assed”. Either way it’s rare that I’m exact with measurements or ingredients when I’m not actually writing a recipe. Here’s a prime example of course. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bars. Easy, just an oatmeal bar with jam and the addition of chocolate chips on the top layer. I love these kind of bars. Plus, I only had to substitute the butter, so easy.

Except, I used my homemade jam that didn’t set fully. And I knew it would be an issue because of the added moisture but I still added more. I mean, who wants a bite with only strawberry syrup? And then I couldn’t wait for them to cool all the way so when I cut into them the chocolate chips were still melty and then there was the explosion of way too much jam. Bar fail. Damn tasty but there’s no way these could be eaten cleanly. I plan to take these to work but you know, I’m going to have to pop them into cupcake liners or something so that they can hold some sort of shape. Next time I’ll use a jam that jelled when I made it. And waited until they were fully cooled, maybe from the fridge. My bad.