Vegan MoFo Day 12: Super Seed Apple Cereal

Something quick was really in order today. I don’t have the book Thrive yet but it is on my Amazon wish list. I found this recipe for Super Seed Apple Cereal and thought I would take a go at it.

Can’t say it’s hard to make. If you can chop an apple you are set. I had all the ingredients on hand so I set to work. I didn’t know if you should let the cereal sit a bit to let the chia and flax start to gel a bit. I’m not a super huge fan of chia gel so this was interesting. It tasted fine and it kept me full for a few hours but not as long as oatmeal. And I had to brush my teeth 3 times after eating this. It was getting stuck in my regular teeth as well as in my retainers. Total bummer and really damn annoying. Not going to judge the book by this because it seems interesting. I just can’t take the chia/flax teeth.

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