FoodBuzz 2012: Friday Night Cocktails

October 19, 2012


This year I could only make the Friday Night festivities for the Foodbuzz event here in San Francisco. I left work a bit early, parked in my trusty north of Market parking lot and bought shoes.  I know. Don’t judge. It’s now tradition since last year I bought the Bond Girls and this year since I parked beside the Fluevog store I bought the Elizabeths. They are amazing. Anyway, then off to the hotel.


I totally didn’t bother reading the info because that’s for wimps. I went to the hotel they had it at last year and something was off. Yeah, I had to go to the Sir Francis Drake (with the Beefeaters outside). Doh. Yeah. Special me. I had a long day at work but I made it to pick up my schwag bag and register.

I forgot to take a photo of the bag, but the Nature box was awesome. This is the stuff I eat all the time.  People were giving rave reviews to the chocolate coconut water. There were artisan caramels, walnuts, an organic fruit and nut bar, and a ghirardelli bar that was Cabernet matinée flavour. That will go to the husband ew. Greg’s book comes out on November 13th and there was an insert for it, and it happens to be 1 day before my birthday (and a few days after his, great timing). If you like savoury pies I know you will love this book. Hell, I’ll buy it just for the photography and probably get suckered into making a few recipes.


The cocktail hour was upstairs at Harry Denton’s Starlight Room. I swear I’ve been here before but um, my mind is as blurry as this photo. They had a few specialty drinks and I was super excited that they had a Peachy Pimms drink. I loved it! The first one I had was pretty sweet which was great but the second was a bit more bitter. Oh well. I love peach. I’m a sucker for it and plus, they were kind of weak so there was no buzz involved.


Lots of little appetizers, and of course I didn’t bother photographing them much. Lots of bloggers were out snapping photos so I knew I didn’t have to stress out about representing. The only thing I tried was the Misoyaki Seared Tofu. Some of my newly found friends had never had tofu and honestly they didn’t press this well so it was squishy. I went on the hunt to find some “well done” cubes and they did enjoy them better. Remember folks: when introducing tofu to people press the crap out of it and if you can thinly slice it and fry it they will like it.


The decor was beautiful. This was much more intimate than last year where I think there were about 200 people. The funny thing is that everyone looked like first timers. I knew 2 people minus Foodbuzz employees. Not that I have a problem meeting people but it was odd that there weren’t repeat attendees. Maybe they will show up for Saturday’s events.


I met some cool new people, I’ll go over them in my dinner post! Until then, Christi took a fun photo, don’t I look excited with my drink? Heh.

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  • Reply Panama October 23, 2012 at 4:24 AM

    so glad I found this site…. I dry fried my tofu and marinated it for about 30 min. in my own concoction of teriyaki sauce, vinegar and some spices. I grilled the tofu with some tuscan vegetables and it was so delicious!!!!! It was the first time I had ever cooked my own tofu and about the third time I had ever tried it. I love it that its low carb as I am a diabetic.

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  • Reply Jason Phelps October 23, 2012 at 5:45 AM

    I was wondering how the festival would be this year. I didn’t stay affiliated with Foodbuzz this year and I can’t say I miss it. Things have clearly changed with them, but I am hopeful that they are still taking care of the publishers who have an audience with their community.

    Sad I wasn’t there to help with the libations, but it looks like you did just fine!



    • Reply Shannon October 23, 2012 at 7:52 AM

      Well, let’s just say I’m moving on 😉

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