I’ve been buying a lot of blueberries but honestly they are pretty out of season. However this Coconut Blueberry Torte from The Raw Cooked Vegan just had to be made. I did make the full torte which is something I wasn’t planning, but it is pretty darn tasty so I’m glad it turned out well. I’ll make this again in the height of summer so I get the best blueberries for my buck.

This is a very nice and light cake, or torte. It just turned out more cake like for me. I always imagine tortes to be a bit more dense but this was definitely light. Whatever it is called it was tasty. I was very tempted to leave the glaze off since it looked pretty good without. I didn’t add any creamed coconut so I just made honestly a plain glaze using almond milk and confectioners sugar. It did the trick. The cake did sit overnight so it was nice and soft but the glaze just soaked in giving it a bit more kick.