Thought I would start out with some recipes that would be easy on my stomach. Since I settled on the theme of fruit for this month I realized I have to bake… a lot. I generally don’t bake every day anymore since I tend to do a “What I Ate Wednesday” and sometimes talk about life or kettlebells or what I’ve been up to lately. Plus, I’m not sure if my coworkers are in to me foisting baked goods on them all the time.

So baking for 31 days after last month is a challenge in itself. This recipe from Vive Le Vegan! is actually something I could have eaten last month if I made some minor changes like eliminating the oil. I was surfing around looking at photos of these Blueberry Bounty Buns that others have made and some of them got them muffin like. I much prefer the texture of these scone type treats. I actually ate these warm for breakfast and then got on with my day. Very tasty with limited sugar and of course a ton of blueberries.