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What I Ate Wednesday: 9/19/2012

How about what I ate Tuesday? I was getting bored of Wednesdays. However, I realized I just had 3 large meals yesterday, no snacks. Hrm. No wonder I’m a bit more hungry today. It’s all I wanted yesterday so that’s okay.


Oh look, oatmeal but with blueberries and banana. I did 1.5 servings which is probably why I didn’t need any snacks. Lunch was leftover chana masala and brown rice. There’s at least a cup of rice in there, I packed it all in. It also kept me full until dinner.


Dinner was meh but piled high. I had some mushrooms to use up and I didn’t have any ideas. I can’t remember which recipe I bought them for so that was a bummer. I sautéed them with bbq sauce and they were okay. I just didn’t feel like making a huge meal. The potato salad was pretty good though. I’ll do a post on that when I grab the photo from my camera. It’s a McDougall recipe. While I generally don’t like potato salad at all I liked this one. The husband is a potato salad snob, and it wasn’t his moms so it didn’t pass the test. She makes hers really drenched in dressing. I had a very light dressing on it so it obviously failed. And it wasn’t his moms so I had no chance in hell honestly.

This was a lot of rice and broccoli for a day. I just happened to make a big batch of rice so I’m eating through it. Broccoli is just too easy. I’m not loving the long brown rice I bought at Trader Joe’s, I think I’ll hit up the Japanese market when I’m done with this bag.


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