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What I Ate Wednesday 9/12/2012

I’m not really falling into good habits as I’m not eating as much as I should. Hrm. I don’t like to force things since I prefer intuitive eating but I have to also fuel for my workouts. Monday was a mess of not eating enough and having a horrible workout. Today was a bit better but I need to be better at planning my food if I’m going to be a bit more strict with my diet due to stomach issues.

Recycled oatmeal shot, I had the exact same thing today. Why recycled? Well, I forgot my phone at home. Crazy. However, the husband leaves for work later and made a detour for me. That means you get a brand new shot of a peach. Because I don’t eat those all the freaking time either.


Lunch was a Trader Joe’s salad. I can’t help it honestly, I just love them. The dressing in them has buttermilk but I only use a smidge and it hasn’t hurt my stomach so I don’t stop. I was still hungry after so I had some carrots.



And then around 3 I wanted a snack, but not something sweet. Pretty much my only options were fruit, so I had 2 nectarines. Which were sweet. Oh well. What I really wanted was some crackers but I’m still trying to keep my diet clean and I forgot my rice crackers at home. Plus I’m trying not to eat a lot of processed food. Cry me a river huh? When I got home I needed something before working out. I didn’t eat enough on Monday and it showed. I got told to go home and eat a lot of pasta. Tonight I didn’t need an encore weakling performance so I downed a protein shake since I was in a big rush. It was sweet, and a processed food in my opinion. Doh. I wasn’t too happy about that. Go figure, at least I acknowledged it. I performed a bit better but I think I need grains at lunch next week.



And then dinner. I cut up a giant baked potato leftover and then made some green beans and broccoli. And then I remembered I don’t really like green beans a lot, they squeak on my teeth. But I had made a half of a pound so they were what was for dinner. I roasted the baked potato with some northwoods seasoning and that rocked. The broccoli is just kind of something I eat every day lately. For dessert (now) I’m eating the last bit of potato. I didn’t bother getting a photo. Too much fruit today. Off to read and call it a night.


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  1. Michelle says

    Even though I am not a vegetableatarian.. your stuff is so inspiring. :)

    I just read a book, “The Language of Flowers”. You should check it out.. it is set in San Clamdisco and about this young girl who had a crappy life but it comes together and it is so interwoven with flowers and their meanings

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