Vegan Gluten Free S’mores Cookies

Oh yeah. I saw this recipe so I went there. They are called  S’more Cookies, but I’ll take them at any name. I had some dandies left over and this was a perfect vehicle for them.

The spices gave the cookies a pretty unique flavour. I was expecting (before I added the spices) for this to be a plain chocolate chip with marshmallow cookie. Instead the spices gave it a nice warm flavour which took it away from a traditional s’mores but in a good way. It kind of made up for the lack of graham cracker. If I wasn’t particular about the gluten free part of this recipe I might have subbed in some graham flour to see if that worked. I’m not sure if it is GF or not so I didn’t bother.

I used King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Baking Mix this time (I generally buy Bob’s Red Mill) and it seemed pretty good. I’m going to have to experiment more but right now I’m not seeing a huge difference in brands. It still makes products a bit crumbly but still very tasty.

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