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Went to the farmer’s market this morning on a mission for some veggies. My stomach has been iffy for awhile now and I’ve been ignoring it. Well, it’s back to basics in this house until I can eat a few meals in a row without stomach pain. Working on some fresh veggies, grains, legumes and fruit to see how it goes.


However, I saw a new to me vendor at the farmer’s market that had brittles. I can generally pass on these as they are pretty easy to make. However, Sweet Dragon Baking Company had some pretty fun flavours. The husband really likes this type of snack and I stopped to buy some since I saw a sesame brittle, his favourite.


The sesame brittle was vegan, but not the reason I bought it since it wasn’t for me. I like that they come in little packs, but I should emphasize they are little. Kind of a bummer. Especially since they taste fabulous. I might pick it up again as a little treat and to support a local company if I see them at the market again.



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