Products I Love: JayBird Freedom Bluetooth Buds

Yay bluetooth! I got so freaking tired of wires to and from my backpack when I was hiking. I had these Jaybird Freedom Buds on my wish list for a long time since they were $99. Because a $100 earphone wasn’t really an impulse buy in my world, even if I would use the hell out of them. The husband decided to get me a pair for our anniversary so it worked out great. Why did I choose the Jaybirds? Let me list it out:

  1. I needed wireless, so that narrowed it down a bit but there is quite a bit on the market.
  2. I needed something like an ear bud since that’s what I prefer, and these have an extra detachable ear tip tab to secure them when active. There are 3 sizes of the buds and ear tabs.
  3. I needed something with a loose wire since when I hike or go out at night I only wear one ear bud. Safety first.A moulded headpiece would get in the way and hang weird with only 1 ear bud in place.
  4. I needed something that worked with my phone and other devices. These work great with both Android and Apple products.
  5. I needed something that didn’t loop over my ears because of glasses and sunglasses. A lot of the headphones on the market have a larger over the ear piece. That wouldn’t work when I’m wearing glasses or sunglasses, it would be a pain in the ass.

So these really fit the bill. Once you register them they also replace them if they go out due to sweat damage. I sweat a lot and use these for those occasions so this is a great deal. The volume controls on the ear bud can also control Pandora and some music programs (skip, fast forward, rewind, cool things like that). Oh, you can use them for calls too! They work great with my Android which I use as my music player when I’m out.

But what about the cons?

  1. They don’t talk. Most other bluetooth devices will tell you when they are connected and such. They don’t really give you much notice on anything, especially battery level. I like it when my old headset used to say “battery, medium” or “battery, high” at least upon connecting.
  2. They are hard to charge. There’s a proprietary charger cable and if you don’t get it in all the way it doesn’t charge. It’s hard to plug it in because of the little rubber door to block the port from sweat and other junk. It will give you the red light but then just blink out if it isn’t connected properly. Also since there is no gauge I have no idea how long it takes to charge them. I actually had to contact them because I thought they died once when really I didn’t charge them. I felt like an idiot.
  3. The only way to know there is a low battery is a horrible beeping noise. It’s terrible and it plays through the music like every 30 seconds.
  4. They are kind of hard to turn off and on. You hold down that big grey button to turn them off and on, but if you do it too long it goes into pairing mode. If you do it too short they just don’t turn off or on. I feel stupid trying to look at the little light in the sun to see if they are off or on.

Funny enough, I just got an email and a new model (Jaybird Sprint) came out and it is smaller. That would have been fab. I’d still buy these in a heartbeat. So much better than wired headphones.

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