People Often Tell Me I Need To Open A Shop Or A Truck

Allison contacted me about a cool infographic they made over at Honestly, opening a bakery or even a farmer’s market food stall would be intense. I thought for a bit that maybe a food truck would be easier but I knew deep down it would still be pretty damn bad. Besides the commercial kitchen rentals this is a pretty solid break down of what really goes on.

I totally agree with the social aspect. If you aren’t social people can’t find you! It still isn’t in the cards for me, but I’ll try to support the ones that show up at work if they have something interesting to sell.

PS: this isn’t a paid post or anything, I just thought I would share. while it’s often fun to daydream about an organic bakery or American style bake shop in Edinburgh the reality is that it is super hard work no matter what sort of shop you opt to open.

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  1. This is cool. I have thought about it, wondered if I could make micro version that just focuses on these great cookies I make (not pot laced) and a couple of Colombian snackies, and what the costs involved may be.

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