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McDougall Picnic Lentil Salad

I love lentils and had some already in the fridge thanks to Trader Joe’s. I also had some carrots and onions which tend to stick around as staples. Why not make a salad? I picked up some parsley and made this picnic lentil salad. Since I had already cooked lentils this whipped together pretty quickly.

This recipe reminded me that I’m not in love with parsley. It’s fine but it isn’t my favourite. Next time I’ll probably swap it out for something else but it’s great to have in the fridge as a side.

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  1. marbaird says

    checked out your salad. I have never cooked lentils before. i have had them in lentil soup, but never used them. Looks great!

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    • Shannon says

      Honestly, I kind of suck at cooking lentils though it should be easy. I always end up with not enough water, that’s why I buy them precooked at Trader Joe’s. Hehe! The only time I seem to get them alright is in the pressure cooker and most of the time I’m too lazy.

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