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McDougall Grainy Mushroom Casserole

I’m so surprised I couldn’t find a copy of this recipe anywhere online. It’s from The McDougall Health Supporting Cookbook Volume 1 and these books are pretty much bibles for when I’m watching what I eat and getting my stomach in order. Mostly because eating in the McDougall style (lowfat vegan) doesn’t hurt my stomach at all when I do the Maximum Weight Loss program (with no processed grains or flours, just whole foods). They also tend to be a bit boring, oh well. It tastes a bit like Thanksgiving stuffing thanks to the sage I added :)

The recipe of reminds me of the Vegan Thanksgiving Casserole I make but with rice, and no lentils. And uh, yeah…maybe not. Well, they both taste like Thanksgiving dammit. Maybe I just don’t use sage nearly enough.

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