Oh yeah, it’s almost October! Time to start out with a new tag (veganmofo 2012) and a theme!

Man, a daily theme was so rough for me last year. I got really tired baking from the same book. I was thinking bread this year but I will just be weaning my way back to that foodsphere so that might be a bad idea.

I’m thinking about a few themes this year, besides dreaming of bread. Maybe fruit. That’s pretty easy for me every day and I can probably come up with some pretty fun things. Besides eating it by the pound like below. I mean, I could just show all the fruit I eat like this, but it wouldn’t be all that fun. I could even do a week of each fruit: like a week of apples, blueberries, peaches and maybe strawberries? The possibilities are there, I just need to decide.

My other idea is grains. That could be really fun and is broad enough. GRAAAIIINS! Get it? October? Yeah, I need help. I guess I don’t need a theme but it would be fun. Can’t decide though!