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FO! Yes, A Finished KNITTED Object. Who Knew?

Wow. Finally. I bought this Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight and this is the 4th project that I tried to get it to work with. Nothing worked and I frogged the other 3 projects and decided on something very basic. I started this in March 2011 and then took a break from knitting until uh, Friday.

Yeah, longest FO time in my queue. So I stopped knitting for over a year but now I kind of feel like knitting something last week and I knew I just had to finish this up before starting something new. Plus, it was 95% finished. How lazy am I, sheesh! I have all this pretty yarn I should use up so I need a plan. I guess I’m going to have to start to stalk Ravelry because my queue is way old. I mean, what are the new “must knit” patterns now? I have no clue.

The yarn is purple but of course purple hates my camera. It’s super soft and wonderful and seems to still shed. Boo. Oh well, At least I’m done with this and can move on. Not like I ever wear anything I knit ;)

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  1. Mindy says

    Skull jumper time :P

  2. Elspeth says

    I love it ! Gorgeous!

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