End Of Month: End Of Digestion Problems

It’s the end of the month and things are looking great for my digestive track. Honestly, this past week has been rough and I’ve been quite pouty about food choices and sneaking bites of foods not on plan. Yesterday was a lot of nuts. I’ve added in a bit more oil (you know for roasting veggies and a tiny bit in salads) and things are still okay. There was the fried tofu incidence and that hurt my stomach but that could have been a few things in that whole meal, oops.

My stomach bloat has gone down drastically and I’ve actually lost 7.5 pounds. That’s pretty cool as I was kind of stuck in my red zone and now I’m closer to a comfortable range. Last time I did McDougall MWL I was very strict (none of the protein shakes for working out and only 2 servings of fruit, I’m eating WAY more than that) but it’s just not sustainable for me. Honestly, it’s a very hard diet and I only do it to reboot now a days and the pounds were just a happy side effect. I really like the added fats and protein in my regular diet but having some structure when I’m trying to heal is best for my brain.

Next steps: try not to overload my stomach with yeast, sugar and processed foods. Moderation is so very hard. Adding back tofu is pretty high on my list. Nuts, oh I’ve missed you. Of course having some tastes of the baked goods I’m baking sounds fun, but I’m definitely not going to be inhaling whole batches.I’m baking today for my blog and trying not to kill all my hard work.

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