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An Evening With Brent Weeks


I read a lot, but I generally read a lot of YA trash. The husband is more picky and has been bugging me to read Brent Weeks for a long time now. I just finished the Night Angel Trilogy and liked it quite a bit. I had the whole trilogy in 1 epub so it was long. An interesting story though.


Last night Brent Weeks was doing a signing at Borderlands Books in SF. I had a crazy busy day but still managed to pick him up and head on over for the reading and signing. Had some pretty crappy Thai food beforehand, glad I didn’t bother with photos for a review.



I haven’t read any of the Lightbringer books (first one pictured above, with vampire cupcakes) but the husband says that the first one is really good (it should be a 4 part series). I’m not sure if I will or not but he is pretty good in setting up worlds and characters. We bought a hardcopy of the second book for signing.


He was very personable and actually really cared about what his fans thought about his work. He didn’t take a lot of credit for the hard work he does and was open and honest on how he sources his materials (cool facts he finds online, Google for help with starting his sciency research). He’s a great reader by the way. I have a problem with my attention span with spoken stories and he held my attention even though I didn’t know the characters. When the photo below of the husband and him was taken (he was already probably getting a smile ache from all the posed photos) we were talking about Terminator influences in the series I had just read. It was not meant to be a nod but as we all know it’s so easy to have a¬†subconscious¬†reference and of course the reader can always project random influences into their own interpretation.


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