My posts have been all over the place this month. I totally know. The fact that I haven’t really baked and I’m out of back posts is a total bummer. However, my health is on the mend.

It’s not like I was super sick, but my stomach was acting up again and I’ve been ignoring it. So when my stomach is acting up it means I need to clean up my diet generally to get the yeast in control without medication. Nothing like too much yeast in your stomach and intestinal track to make everything cranky. Back on a fruits, veggies, grains and legumes diet. It’s been 16 days and things are really starting to clear up even though I’m probably eating too much fruit. Not so bloated, not sick when I eat and more energy overall. At least when I eat enough. It’s hard to get in enough calories some days without those calorie dense foods like nuts.

I’m going to try to stick with this ultra clean diet for the month and gradually reintroduce things like bread and processed stuff. I’m never really good at the gradual stuff but hey, I’m trying. What I eat is generally so boring. I mean, I had oatmeal with blueberries and banana, cuban black beans and rice today for a late lunch and just snacked on some watermelon. Not really blog worthy since I’m barely throwing together food and really not making recipes. I’ll try to think of something cool and fun to post though, maybe I’ll find a new recipe to try, or a fun new veggie. Plus, I can always bake for the husband.