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What I Ate Wednesday 8/29/2012


What I ate…Tuesday. Felt like mixing it up a bit. Plus, I had a good breakfast so I decided to start taking photos yesterday morning. It all started with oatmeal with baking spice, banana and strawberries. So very good.



I had a nectarine for a snack and then decided I should just eat lunch. Lunch was leftover roasted brussel sprouts and smoked jalapeno tofu. The brussel sprouts were very under roasted for me but I was really hungry after working out on Monday I just didn’t want to wait any longer. Both items were served with a big serving of brown spicy mustard. PS: that’s a lot of brussel sprouts!


Got munchy in the afternoon and decided to raid the fruit upstairs. I found a peach and a plum. It always looks like so much more food when you chop it up. I was kind of feeling the sugar after this. Quite a bit of fruit today. ¬†Dinner was at Jack’s Prime and I had the Southwestern Salad with a black bean patty with no avocado. I get the dressing on the side because I find it a bit too spicy. Which is weird for me since I like spicy foods, but oh well. I didn’t get any onion rings today either but I had a few fries off of the husbands plate. I was feeling like I wanted something to eat again¬†around 10pm but decided just to not cave in since I wasn’t really hungry.


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