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What I Ate Wednesday 8/22/2012


I had a hard time motivating myself this morning. I just couldn’t get out of bed. I knew I didn’t really want a bagel and fruit for breakfast so I took a little bit of extra time and had some cereal. I didn’t have enough time to cook but a bowl and some flakes worked out fine. I added raisins but really wanted to eat this with a chopped up peach. If only I wasn’t out of fruit.


Since I’m very out of fruit and almost out of veggies I had a salad. But they had falafel on the salad bar so I doused 3 of them (they cut them in half, is that like getting more?) in hummus on top of my salad. You can actually see the green a bit below the chickpeas and peanuts. It’s all about layering. PS: I shouldn’t have bothered with the falafel, it was pretty crummy.



Afternoon snacks from the work kitchen. A peach and some almonds. The peach was mealy which sucks. Peaches have such a short window out here. Very sad indeed.


Worked my butt off at kettlebells and got some arm advice from the boxing guys (I strained a muscle, it needs some deep tissue massage). Still couldn’t be bothered to grocery shop but doing that after working out would probably cost us double. I did have about 2 cups of broccoli left and some potatoes. That meant I made some riblet type meat stuff with garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli. It was pretty sweet (the riblets have a ton of sugar unfortunately so we only eat them every few months) so I’m passing on dessert tonight.

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