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What I Ate Wednesday 8/15/2012


Happy Wednesday! Today I ate food! I know, I hope you really just gloss over these posts since I’m going to assume they are boring but I like them. It actually makes me think about what I’m eating which is good. All part of intuitive eating, but also helps me keep track of a day. It generally spreads through the week when I do this on Wednesday, so I remember my good and bad choices. Today I was whiny about breakfast and couldn’t decide so I went to work and had half a bagel and fruit. Nothing sounded good but I was getting hungry. Plus, I got there in time to get first dibs on the fruit salad.


Lunch was the same as yesterday from the freezer so I didn’t choose. The bottom is leftover rice, on top of that is gigante beans in a tomato sauce and on top is sauteed kale with garlic and braggs. This is just leftovers from dinner last month or something. Pulling it out of the freezer makes it a new meal! It reheated well.



I ate my snacks kind of early in the afternoon. A bunch of cherries were inhaled but then I wanted something salty. This is why I like Wednesdays. If I wanted another handful I’d have to take a photo. But after this I was fine. I just needed a little something.


Dinner was late and I couldn’t decide. It’s been an indecisive day if you couldn’t tell. I settled on meatball sandwiches but I only felt like half. The sandwich has daiya cheese on it with 3 small meatballs. I just didn’t have an appetite after working out. It happens sometimes, but I also know I’ll be ravenous for breakfast in the morning. I kind of wanted potatoes but since I worked out later that would have left me eating after 9pm which isn’t cool in my book. Some steamed broccoli on the side is easy though.

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  1. Kim says

    It all looks colourful and yummy. I have brought a salad for lunch twice this week. It’s a goshdarn miracle. What are braggs? That is my question. Kale I know, braggs I do not.

    • Shannon says

      Braggs are liquid aminos, kind of salty like soy sauce. It comes in a spray bottle and it’s very hippy ;)

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