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August 20, 2012


I like fancy restaurants. I like food trucks. I like everything inbetween as long as I don’t get sick. Sometimes you just want a hotdog, you know? There is this street vendor in Toronto that used to be outside a club I frequented that had veggie dogs. Actually, veggie dogs in Toronto are pretty damn easy to come by downtown. I wasn’t even hungry last time I was in the area and still had one since I knew it would be devoid of veggie dogs when I got back home.


Underdog is pretty awesome. Not only do they have meaty (and organic) dogs, they have vegan ones. So yes, I can eat there with my husband! Yay! Lots of tasty things going on here, and lots of vegan options (the potato salad and coleslaw were both vegan, nice!).


The husband got a turkey/chicken dog with cheese and I got a plain vegan dog. Sure, it was a smart dog frank but it was so nice to get it outside the house. While I do prefer street dogs (probably for the added grease of the grill) I love that I can get  a few different varieties. And yes, I piled mine with mustard and relish. We both opted for tater tots that were nice and golden brown. Gluten free options are available here as well.


So I had a pretty damn fine meal. Next time I’ll try another type but it’s good to know that they can deliver on the basics. Underdog, I’ll be back!

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