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Taste In Mediterranean Food, Burlingame CA



I was looking for a new mediterranean place that has decent falafel so I went to Yelp. Taste In Mediterranean Food got great reviews but people complained it was expensive. It is expensive? Well, it’s kind of priced high for a deli. However, the food is fantastic. And there is a lot of it. Lots of vegetarian options so I was pretty excited to give it a go.


The husband kept it classic with a lamb shawarma platter. He said it was really damn tasty. The french fries under the meat was a pretty cool surprise. I just wanted a falafel wrap with fries since I haven’t had fries in quite a long time. It was so tasty. I think I got everything minus the rice that was on his place in my wrap along with some fresh crunch falafel. I inhaled it and honestly ate way too much. I still feel pretty darn over full. We will go back and I’ll for sure eat a lot less next time since it won’t be a special occasion, it can go into regular rotation as it’s only about 5 miles away.


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