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Southwestern Beans & Barley

Sorry for no post yesterday, I was sick. I wasn’t feeling up to talking about food. Meh.

This my friends, is the bean recipe I’ve been eating all week. Seriously. I had some leftover barley and I wasn’t using it. It makes a LOT of beans. It wasn’t getting anywhere on low so I turned it to high because I’m impatient with my slow cooker. That’s pretty much why I favour the pressure cooker, go figure. When it was half done cooking I decided it wasn’t close to being spiced enough (even after adding more cumin than called for) so I added some Penzey’s taco seasoning (the chicken one doesn’t have dairy).  I didn’t bother with the cheese or sour cream but I guess that’s always an option. I personally ate it with tortilla chips which was so good. It has kind of a chili texture so it was easy to scoop up.

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