So, I’ve Been Walking

I kind of get why I took up running. It honestly takes less time. However, incorporating walking into my day has really helped me overall. Since I started walking on the 5th I’ve kept to that schedule. It really really hurt my hips and knees at first. Went anyway. It was cold, but I went anyway. It was sunny, but I went anyway. And then I was able to increase my mileage and start to get into the groove. The past few weeks it has been pretty darn sunny and warm at lunch so I’ve been walking at night. Either way, I’ve missed walking one day (it was a Saturday and I just did NOT want to go) and I missed recording one day on my Runkeeper app.

imageWhat did that Runkeeper app tell me happened this month? Well, by just decompressing and walking I did 62 miles in July. That’s 62 miles I didn’t sit on the couch like I did the month before. My minimum of 30 minutes was rarely even a problem to hit (the 31st I came in a few seconds shy as I was walking home from the taqueria so it wasn’t really a mapped out walk). The only problem has been the sun and the fact that I just sweat a lot. It’s easier for me to so it at night after dinner. However, sunscreen and gym access are all there to clean up at work. In other words: no excuses, I can stick to this walking 30 minutes a day. It all adds up! Sometimes it’s easy (like walking home from dinner downtown) or sometimes it’s hard (like going out at 11pm because I’ve put it off and I’m just tired). I’m going to try to keep this up and make it a natural activity.


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