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So I Went On A Hike. Really! Not Just All Talk!


Yes, I went on a hike. When I wrote up my last “so I’ve been waking” post I had to check my garmin data as to my last hike. It was April 22. April. At least it was this year, but honestly that’s pathetic for something I really like to do.


The problem is that I wasn’t really into finding any new places. It takes a lot out of me mentally to get to a new park, find the trails and then try to find my car again without having to walk 20 extra miles because I’m always lost. And it took half of a day at least. Sure, that’s a stupid excuse but it is what it is. Last week I saw one of my Path friends over at Rancho San Antonio so I decided to hit up there. There’s a ton of people and I wouldn’t feel alone. I didn’t need the alone time, I just needed to get back into the swing of things.


I took a different trail route and did a little bit over 8 miles. It felt good. Really good. I got home and had to stuff my face I was so hungry good. And then nap. Hehe. I haven’t been sleeping well so it was really needed. Now, just to make this habit again. It’s much harder than starting to walk every day, since I have to get up and dressed and drive somewhere but I do like it. I’ll just have to do it and then worry about habit later ;)


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