Okay. I know it’s dorky review but I’ve been going on walks during the day at work as you all know, because I blather. It gets “warm” (I have to use quotation marks, because warm is very relative here) and I can’t always cover up in a hoodie. In fact, I got a bit of a burn on a 20 minute walk when it was overcast when I first started this daily moving initiative. I’ve also gotten burned waiting on a food truck for a few minutes. Seriously, I’m a mess.

Yeah, my skin sucks. And I’m not even super pale. Go figure. Anyway, that day I got roasty I went online looking for a new body sunscreen. I currently use a Neutrogena face sunscreen all over my body but it does tend to ash after a few hours even though it sinks in quite nice. And you can feel it. I rarely actually use it on my face (I use a Kiehl’s moisturizer with spf so I didn’t worry so much).

I found this EltaMD UV Lotion Spf 30 on Amazon (yay Prime) and even though it didn’t have a lot of reviews I went with it. It was $26 and it could suck but I was willing at the time I hit submit to gamble. And honestly, it is good. I’ve never had a reaction and I do once in a while to products. No burning or itching either. It sinks in but leaves the skin soft. No sort of residue. No shine. I actually use it on my face now as well and I have no problem with clogged pores or problems under my regular makeup. It sinks in quickly so that there is no issue of waiting until you can apply  your makeup. I just brush my teeth inbetween sunscreen application and makeup.

So it does it’s job on my dry and sensitive skin. It also does it’s job on my husbands oily and sensitive skin that is prone to break outs. I was worried when he applied this on his head when he was going out to work on the bike one day. He doesn’t ever really burn but of course spf is a good move for everyone. And he’s had no problems either. No lingering tropical scent or residue even on oily skin.

This one is a nice new shared product for the whole family. It has earned it’s place on the sink and I will definitely be reordering.