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Malabar: Santa Cruz


Yesterday when we were in Santa Cruz I decided to let Yelp choose. Since we were essentially in a tourist hell food tends to be really crappy. So about a mile away I found a 4 star average yelp review for a vegetarian restaurant. Score! Off we went to Malabar.


We got there pretty early (around 5:30) and by the time we were leaving the place was hopping. It’s pretty much an Indian restaurant with quite a few different fusion dishes. The waiter had a huge chip on his shoulder and was pretty off putting but we just wanted some food.


We started off with a few appetizers. The first one was Black Sesame Seed Garlic Naan. It was awesome but it didn’t have a naan texture. It was more flakey like a biscuit. Totally fine since it was fresh out of the oven and came with a plate of multiple condiment choices to dip the bread.


Then we got a fried tofu dish. Essentially this was a deep fried block of tofu covered in peanut sauce. Okay….weird. Have you ever tried to cut a piece of deep fried tofu with a fork? Maybe a spoon? I had to use both as knives were not available. I thought that was really weird especially since the tofu was a big hunk with some scores in it that I had to pry apart with a serving spoon. It was okay but I was looking forward to my entree since it wasn’t amazing.


The husband got a garlic mashed potato dosa. It was pretty good. Way better than the tofu, that’s for sure. I got garlic noodles. Which were honestly horrible. Okay, I got Vietnamese garlic noodles at an Indian joint, sue me. They were on the menu and I really wanted them and I had no idea you could screw up garlic noodles. Unfortunately the noodles were undercooked and the garlic chips were burnt. Burnt garlic and crunchy noodles…yum. I know I should have gotten a curry or something but I just didn’t want that. Honestly this meal was pretty meh. I left hungry which sucks. ┬áCan’t say I’d be back since the sushi place beside this restaurant looked pretty good.


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