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Food Truck Friday: The Dosa Republic

August 31, 2012



I finally caught up with The Dosa Republic truck! Funny enough this discovery happened just like my Curry Up Now discovery: at the restaurant first. And they have the same parent company. So I knew what to expect (in case you don’t get it, they carry dosas and a few other items).


It’s kind of weird but Curry Up Now and The Dosa Republic were side by side in the parking lot. They generally mix it up a bit more. While I generally get the Hella Vegan burrito from Curry Up Now, it looks like The Dosa Republic offers their own version of a burrito as well as a rice bowl. Pretty cool but I wanted a dosa!


I got a classic dosa since I couldn’t remember what the other flavours entailed. They will make them all vegan mind you and they have tofu but I just decided potatoes were what I wanted today. The green chutney stuff at the bottom of the picture was chock full of jalapeños. Super spicy! The dosa was okay but it was pretty anemic. I’m kind of bummed. They really piled on the fillings when I went to the restaurant.


However, even though there wasn’t much filling it was easy to wrap up and dip. The soup was a bit spicy today so maybe it was me after eating a container of jalapeños (I had to, there were chickpeas in there that needed rescuing!).  I totally recommend getting to the restaurant in San Mateo if you can. The staff is super nice and it’s right on El Camino.

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  • Reply Elspeth August 31, 2012 at 5:12 PM

    So so jealous! And I was going to see if you wanted to have lunch today, then I got distracted 🙁

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