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Food Truck Friday: Saruno Burger


I was super excited for Saruno Burger to hit the parking lot. Most days I’m in the mood for a sandwich but I planned this one well and really wanted a burger.


They have lots of non veg option but they also have a tofu burger. That’s pretty awesome of them honestly. They have fries but I passed since I’m trying to be good and they didn’t look epic. They also had a side salad which was pretty awesome but it was just some leafy greens in a small container. I figured I’d get that on my burger anyway.


The first two bites I really liked and appreciated this burger. Then it went to meh-ville. I honestly only ate half because it just wasn’t what I wanted. I’m sure it was cooked to perfection but I found it a bit squishy. I liked the roasted veggies and the bun was nice and buttery since it was brioche (and not vegan, duh). But the burger didn’t do it for me. I appreciate that they have a tofu burger though and some non-veg people in line were getting it and liked it. A++ for availability, but I think I’ll pass next time.


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