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Double Chocolate Waffles From The Vegan Heartland

I know, I’m generally not into chocolate chips in my waffles because they tend to burn on the edges. I actually had a pretty good experience with these Double Chocolate Waffles from The Vegan Heartland.

My jar of applesauce was bad (I only really use it for baking) but I did have some of those portable single servings kicking around the pantry. I made a half batch of waffles but used the whole little tub of applesauce and omitted the oil. I got a much softer waffle and it was a welcome change. The waffles really are cocoa coloured from the¬†Scharffen Berger cocoa but it is a lot lighter than my usual Droste or any of my dutch processed powders (if I’m going to make something chocolate, I don’t screw around). I feel like i have to point out I didn’t measure the chocolate chips, but I’m not sure people ever measure their add-ins. I added probably double and that worked out fine ;)

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  1. Sarah says

    oh wow these look so delicious! nice work:)

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