Bakerella’s Chocolate Morning Biscuits

Good morning! What’s better than a biscuit before work? Maybe one stuffed with melty gooey chocolate? Probably. This is a recipe from Bakerella that I stumbled across and bookmarked. Pretty easy and perfect for the weekend.

I’ll come right out and say it: I prefer yeast dough buns as opposed to biscuits when they have something like this in them. Some days you just don’t want to wait the hours for the rise of the dough so I get it. I veganized the recipe by using margarine and almond milk. I didn’t bother with a topping, I don’t think they needed it. I chopped up some dark chocolate chips for these as I am out of bar chocolate. Some of them melted, some of them stayed whole. I think I’d like them all melted but that’s a personal choice. Good dark chocolate is good dark chocolate.

These are even good after a quick spin in the microwave. Just to warm them up a bit after they have cooled. Pretty decadent and honestly went quick in our house!

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