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What I Ate Wednesday: 8/1/2012


Hey! I can post this a bit early because I decided to track what I ate yesterday. I like how the theme this month is summer staples because my eats definitely show what my summer staples are! For breakfast I wanted a sandwich. So I made a tofurkey, pickle, hummus and spinach sandwich on a sprouted grain bagel. Sometimes you just got to do things a bit differently.


I got a thai salad from Specialty’s for lunch. Ordered it online and just ran over to pick it up. Great system. Minus the fact that they forgot the dressing. As you can see there are a ton of toppings but a lot of raw cabbage to chomp through. Good thing I like raw plain veggies.



I wanted something sweet after lunch so I had a nectarine. I love fruit, but I’ve said that before. When I got home I had planned to make a homemade pizza. Even have some of the new Daiya wedge cheese to try out! Instead I got a text message saying we were going out to dinner. So I had a bowl of yellow watermelon to hold me over until everyone showed up at our house to decide what to eat. It generally is a round of “I dunno”.



Settled on Le Cumbre! That meant tacos, even though the new guy who was working the cash register felt like I needed 2 burritos instead of 2 tacos. Uh not so much. I got them to make me tacos instead and was a happy camper. The guys went out for frozen yogurt but I was stuffed and decided to walk home instead. It was the end to a good day.

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