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What I Ate Wednesday 7/4/2012

July 4, 2012


Another what I ate Wednesday, another really weird food day. I got up late so I didn’t have breakfast. We had brunch planned which I thought was going to be at Sweet Tomatoes. Nope! Oh well, had a really good pasta. Probably ate about half, it was a huge mountain.


I was hungry a few hours later so I ate some beans. I’ll post my review on the recipe, white beans rock!


And then I made a cake because I didn’t get dessert on our anniversary. I chose a restaurant that had a good looking chocolate cake but of course they were closed on Mondays. We will get there eventually, but until then I’ll just deal with my own damn cake. It could be worse I guess.


We bought veggies and stuff to bbq since it is a bbq holiday. Instead, we went down to the Night Market at the San Mateo Fairgrounds for their moveable feast and farmers market. Since it is on Wednesdays I can’t say I’ll be able to get to it often, unless I just go after working out which is a possibility. I got garlic noodles since it looked like the best option. Noodles twice in one day though, meh. They were tasty! I ate all the veggies and maybe half the noodles. Next week I’ll get to the fitness, honest 😉

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