What I Ate Wednesday 7/25/2012


Oh hi there hearty breakfast! I had this for dinner last night (half the block of tofu) so this morning I had some leftover tofu scramble. It had mushrooms and onions and was tasty even reheated. I wasn’t sure but it worked. It was a huge breakfast though! That is one of my huge plates and the beans are gigante beans so it’s kind of deceptive looking.


However, I was still ready for lunch! I got a veggie sandwich from downstairs as I wasn’t feeling a salad. I got every veggie available but avocado and no cheese. They still of course charged me for the same sandwich, gotta make a buck I guess. I should have went to Mike & Kens but I was lazy. Oh well.


I was full from the sandwich but check out these berries! I ate them all and then was over full. I haven’t done that in quite awhile but they were like farmers market crack. I just felt sick all afternoon. But I still went to work out. I should have eaten a little something before working out even if I wasn’t hungry, I know this. I had an okay workout but not a good one. I just can’t eat at lunch and then work out at 6:15 and think I’ll have enough to power through an intense kettlebell workout. No matter how big my lunch. I made it, but it didn’t feel good. I should have eaten half the sandwich at lunch and half around 4pm. Oh well, live and learn.


I had a big baked potato with earth balance, cuban black beans and roasted brussel sprouts (with garlic olive oil) for dinner. I kind of wanted rice but I had these potatoes hanging out so I decided to bake them up. It was a good decision, even if I had to wait a bit. I half-cooked them in the microwave so it only took about an hour which was my shower and cool down time. Now to chill out and try not to fall asleep watching tv.

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