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What I Ate Wednesday 7/18/2012


Holy cow today was an eating festival. I was so hungry. I woke up hungry and a bit late. I really wanted a tofu scramble but I didn’t even have close to the amount of time to cook that so I opted for a green monster.


Got to work and I was still hungry. 99% of the fruit salad was already demolished, but I got a bowl of melon pretty much. It was something. I was still hungry. It seemed to be a theme.


I had leftovers for lunch. It seemed like a good time as I didn’t want a salad this morning and I didn’t look up what food trucks were around. I pulled a black rice and lentil bowl out of the freezer and had some broccoli with it. It was covered with salsa and had way more broccoli than pictured. I was, you know… hungry.


Waited a half hour. Decided even after 3 tumblers of tea and a ton of water it wasn’t thirst. I went upstairs and we were kind of low on fruit. I opted for an orange the size of my head.


Still hungry. Broke out a bar. This one sucked. There was a distinct coffee flavour but the labelled flavour was cookie dough. Liars. I could only choke down half. Didn’t realize it was whey until I tried to find the coffee flavour in the damn ingredients. I just got cranky at my desk. The bottomless pit was calling and I was trying not to shovel random crap that was around the office into my face.


When I got home I knew I couldn’t have worked out without more food. I had a peach but I was still chewing on my arm. I had some chips (gateway drug honestly) and then had another bowl. Bad idea? Yeah, but I stopped. ┬áBarely. Sitting on the couch eating seemed way more important than working out. But I went.


My kettlebell guy was stuck at his day job so one of the boxing/mma/jui jitsu guys took over. He’s more than competent, super nice and honestly kicked my ass. We did a workout he labelled “300″…. twice. Let me break it down while it is still in my mind: 25 v-ups, 50 swings (double or single handed, our choice), 25 pushups, 25 snatches on both sides, 25 two armed cleaned kettlebell full squats, 50 burpees, 25 double kettlebell military presses, 50 mountain climbers, 25 double snatches, 25 clean and presses each side. TWICE…plus some ab work at the end and 5 turkish getups on each side. Not very much rest inbetween exercises, 1-2 minutes max. Did I die? Almost. It was so very very intense, including the double kettlebell work and damn burpees. I’m always the weakest link at the gym and I’m okay with that. However, getting through this workout (I gave up on the burpees, they make me dizzy) made me kind of cranky but proud. I fired him btw, and he laughed at me. That’s what I get for asking if he was going to do his “angry hugs” later. Heh. Hit up the food trucks at the fair grounds and got a tofu chinese bun I’ll tell you all about later. It was tasty but I was almost too tired to eat. The good news is that I think I’m full! Thank goodness.


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  1. Sarah says

    those endless hunger days are the worst! you made it through much better than i usually do!

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